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Roger Sylver, a.k.a. ‘The Highlander’, ‘The Voice’ and in some circles, ‘The Wolfman’, is a certified audio and voice professional. 

He has over 30 years of FM radio and online broadcasting experience, along with operating and owning ‘Solid Sylver Sounds’, an audio and voiceover studio created 19 years ago in his home state of Wisconsin, U.S.A., now located in Rapid City, South Dakota. He’s also an audio consultant, audio producer, co-producer, mixing & mastering / post production engineer and sound designer. 

In late June of 2016, Roger returned to America as he lived in the U.K. for 3.5 years. While there, he created voiceovers imaged with music and SFX (sound effects) for several different projects and also became represented as an international and professional voice talent with ‘IN-Casting’ – ‘International Native Casting Agency’ located in the Netherlands. He also voiced for EIPIX Entertainment, Serbia. 

He closed out 2020 with producing an 11 hour audio book narrated by its bestselling author and rang in 2021 with breaking ground in Canada. He closed out 2022, closes out 2023 and opens 2024 with mastering music for independent talent. 

Before creating ‘Solid Sylver Sounds’ in 2005, he hosted a live FM radio show on (defunct) ‘WOLF 108 FM’ – 107.9 WLFK-LP, Eau Claire Wisconsin’s first independent radio station in decades as he was the first Disk Jockey hired to host on and represent WOLF 108. His moniker was ‘The Highlander’, having the station’s flagship / prime time position of Monday through Friday, 6-10 pm along with training up and coming D.J.’s and vocal talents. 

Over the last 18 years, Roger has also co-hosted / hosted on several different Truth podcast shows as well as his own – ‘Maxim Axiom Radio’ and ‘Shifting the Paradigm’, with plans on resuming StP shows at some point.

He also produces and restores audio, creates / produces background music and sound effect tracks, produces commercial demos, narrates and voices for commercial businesses, corporations, AM-FM / Online radio stations and video games.

In the future, he also plans on creating audio tutorial videos which will be available on / exclusive to his ‘Solid Sylver Sounds’ website.

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